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We can't work on every project even if it does sound like an exciting challenge.

If you are having trouble finding the right resources for your project then we can help.

The cost of hiring the wrong person is much higher than their daily rate and felt longer after they have left so why not spend a little bit up front to improve your chances of finding a perfect fit.

The followng services are available for an hourly rate and no retainer is charged or commission taken.

 Defining the scope of the role :

  • Before you start looking for resources you need to define your requirements and detail exactly the skills you want.  Advertising for a 'GL expert' will get you a very high hit rate but maybe not the person you need.  We can help you write a tight and relevent description of the specific skills and experience you are looking for.

Getting candidates CV's

  • We are not an agency or a large consultancy so we don't have our own candidates to push.  What we can offer is introductions to agencies and other consultancies who do have access to a large pool of resources. We can do this for free.... just look under the link 'Other People with Oracle Knowledge'  It isn't taken from the advertisers list of 'Oracle World', but companies that we have dealt with personally and more importantly would be happy to deal with again.

CV review : 

  •  We can offer a review and feedback service of candidates CV's giving you an independent view of how their skills and experience fits your requirements. The Oracle consulting market is actually quite small so we are often able to reference candidates through people we know at sites they have worked on in the past.

The Interview :

  • The problem with interviewing consultants is that they will often know more about the specialist skills required than you do, which is why they are a consultant in that area.  We can help you level the field a bit, either by providing you with some relevent questions and answers, or undertaking the interview with you.

See a sample of some Oracle Financials consultant interview questions we recently prepared for a client.

This was for a role to implement core financials in the Eastern European countries of Russia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.