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Oracle Financials Forums

www.orafaq.com : A large and active user forum with a technical focus.

http://www.oraclecontractors.com : An general Oracle user group for the contract community.  It has the benefit of regular contributions from experienced consultants.

http://www.oracleappsblog.com : Well thought out and regularly updated Oracle apps blog and forum with an expanding knowledge base.

Oracle Financials Service Providers


www.wegobeyond.co.uk  : Manchester based Oracle Financials Consultancy.              


Oracle Financials Related Products


Other Useful sites

www.oanda.com : For all things currency related.

http://www.pingplotter.com : Network guys don't believe that there is a problem.....prove it with ping plotter. A great free download that enables you to mease packet lose and response time over long time periods.  For exampleyou can ping a 5k package to your Oracle Forms server every 10 seconds over a 24hr period.

http://www.textpad.com : A neat and free to download text editing product, great for testing EFT and EDI file formats as you can save the file as many differnt types and character sets such as UTF8

http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vieshome.do?selectedLanguage=EN : The EU VAT number verification site.  If you think the Oracle VAT number validation provided with the European localisations is out of date you can check your VAT numbers against this.