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Effective Oracle Financials End User Training

Over the past 10 years of implementing Oracle financials we have see a wide range of training strategies and have a good idea what works and what doesn\'t and also what we think offers good value for money.

Training that works

  • Using trainers with real applications experience:  You might get away with using dedicated trainers for high level or front office training such as account inquiries, running report or entering I-expenses, but it can be disastrous for more complex back office processes.  At best they will be constantly says \'I\'ll have to get back to you on that one\' and at worst making things up as they go along.
  • Diagrams and processes:  For example if the users have come from a system such as SAP then it helps to also explain what happens behind the scenes so they realise the AP invoices need to be accounted for and transferred to the GL in batches.
  • Country specific documentation:  For example you can have standard training & process documents for invoice entry and payments that can be applied globally, and then country specific user guides for things like VAT reporting, withholding tax, EFT Payments.
  • Floor walking: Having trainers or experienced users on site to help new started or offices new to Oracle is a great way of supplementing classroom training.  The users in most large firms have to route all IT support through a helpdesk which in some cases is enough to put them off asking for help on the first place. They are much more likely to become engaged in the new system when there is somebody there to turn to and ask in the first couple of weeks.

Training that doesn\'t work

    • Writing stacks of 200+ page user guides that will never be read by the users : Short documents or even better A3 cheat sheets cramming as much information into one page as possible.
    • Focusing on which buttons to press rather than the process and accounting:  Most systems are reasonable user friendly now and users are able to work out that a picture of a little disk means \'save\'.  What they really benefit from in the long term is explanations of the process and accounting.
    • Farming out the whole training process : Specialist training companies or Oracle financials consulting firms like ourselves all have a place in the overall training solution, but you should never hand over the whole process and expect it to be delivered successfully at arms length.  If the training team sits in a different building to the solution team and the two never talk  the training being delivered won\'t match the solution.
    • Training long before the event : It is great to engage the users early and key users should be involved in an implementation throughout the whole process, but you cannot expect to bulk train the majority of the users months before go live and have the skills remain fresh.

 If any of this rings a bell and you think we can help then please call us to discuss your requirements.

Some examples of how we can help are provided below.

Training Strategy

 We can help you design a Oracle Financials end user training strategy to ensure that all you users are up to speed with all they need to know in Oracle to do their role. 

  • Basic navigation within the applications
  • Oracle system structure and the relationship between business and system processes.
  • Accounting entries within Oracle financials.
  • Training logistics & organisation
Training Material
There are companies that have standard training material available off the shelf and can therefore provide it much cheaper than we can.  Where we can help is reviewing this material, along with your own business process to make sure that the most effective use is being made of the applications.
Particular areas where we can add value are
  • Core financials reporting training
  • Super user and System Administrator training to support ongoing system maintenance
  • Business process documentation to support basic training material
  • Localisation and country specific training material
  • Month end processes and reconciliation’s
 Onsite Training and Floor walking
You’ve sent you staff on Oracle training courses, or even had trainers come on site but are not yet seeing a return on this investment.
The advantage of using us for training is that we are not selling predefined classroom, but more specialised are targeted training to meet specific business & project requirements.  We have provided training in most areas of Oracle financials, and often in the capacity of lead consultants during an implementation.  Our training is always provided by implementation professionals with real-life Oracle experience, who deliver the not only a knowledge of the applications but also important practical tips and experiences your staff can use on the job.
Some specific examples of training we have previously delivered are as follows :
  • Oracle Purchasing
  • Oracle Accounts Payable
  • Oracle Accounts Receivable
  • Oracle General Ledger
Other process specific courses available include:
Financial reporting using Oracle applications ( FSG reporting, RXI and Standard )
We not only show you how to write reports, but will also provide you with a proven support and maintenance strategy to ensure that you can define and maintain consistent reports across multiple sets of books.  We are also experienced in providing reporting solutions using RXI reports, which are part of  little know module included in core financials that can be used for transaction level GL journal line reporting, or sub-ledger tax reporting.  The make a great reliable yet flexible VAT reporting solution that can meet the needs of many countries without the need for expensive customisation.
Using Discoverer and OLAP tools for financial reporting.
Oracle Discoverer – Administrator Edition If you only need to find our what all the buttons do then the standard Discoverer courses offered by any number of training companies are ideal.
However, if you want somebody to walk through the design and build of your own EUL ( End User Layer ) then call us. We have implemented Discover solutions numerous times and for major companies and you can benefit from this experience. Discoverer as a tool has a reputation on many sites for being too complicated and for killing database performance.
This is not a problem with the tool itself but how it has been implemented. Oracle Discoverer – Desktop/Web Edition We are happing to tailor Oracle Discoverer user training to meet your needs. If you have a small team of advanced users as report writers and a large pool of restricted users who can only run pre-defined reports we can provide training targeted at each group to make sure they get the most value from the product with their own user restrictions
Oracle FSG Training
Over the last 8 years we have been refining an approach for FSG report development and ongoing report management that will help you staff learn the skills needed to write FSG reports and also give them the framework to manage the reports on a global basis over the coming years. This is typically delivered as 3 days on-site classroom training, followed by 3 days follow-ups and reviews that can be provided any time up to 3 months after the training.