Support overview


Obviously we cannot replace “Oracle Support” as your primary source of system updates and patches, particularly when dealing with new software releases. However, what we can do is work with your own staff, or directly with Oracle support on your behalf to ensure that your issues and being resolved quickly and effectively. 

Our consultants have worked at the bleeding edge of Oracle software on numerous implementations and can assert your issues to ensure that they are receiving the necessary attention from Oracle Support.

If your requirement is to get the most out of your Oracle system and you want access to an expert who can help with ad-hoc questions and configuration changes then we can provide a support contract to meet your needs.

We are happy to work on your systems onsite or from our own office using secure VPN connection and can provide support on a retained agreement basis to provide support and/or consulting for a pre-agreed number of days. This could include options such as 24 hour callout, or fast response email support. A retained agreement would also allow preferential rates on any additional consulting requirements.


As well as ad hoc production support we can also support your implementation projects by assisting your implementation team with specific issues that would otherwise cause project bottlenecks.

Call us to discuss your support requirements to see how we can help.