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The full list of Scripts is below:

File Title: File Name: Action:
GL : ADI Journal Balances 36-991242.txt
GL : Autopost Definitions 34-262665.txt
GL : Balances and Movements 37-153808.txt
GL : Chart of Account Segment Hierarchy Ranges 28-630646.txt
GL : Chart of Accounts Structure Overview 27-531250.txt
GL : Code Combinations CCIDs 38-146392.txt
GL : CVR Cross Validation Rule Detail Listing 41-172027.txt
GL : CVR Cross Validation Rule Overview 42-409454.txt
GL : Flexfield Security Rule Assignments 47-941468.txt
GL : Flexfield Security Rule Definitions 48-566345.txt
GL : FSG Report and Components Overview 43-833985.txt
GL : Interface Details 44-314148.txt
GL : Interface Summary 45-878785.txt
GL : Journal Header Summary 49-661061.txt
GL : Journal Line Based Trial Balance Report 50-200393.txt
GL : Journal Lines With AP Source Reference Fields 46-913758.txt
GL : Mass Allocation Formula review script 53-930522.txt
GL : Period Status script 54-340417.txt
GL : Segment Value Listing 24-453583.txt
GL : Set of Books Configuration Overview 32-817810.txt
GL : Summary Account Template definition review script 55-117321.txt
HR : Operating Unit and Legal Entity Configuration 33-248352.txt