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System Administrator SQL Scripts

 Includes the following System Administrator Related SQL Scripts

  • Concurrent Request Running Times
  • Users of a concurrent request including parameters

General Ledger SQL Scripts

Includes the following General Ledger related SQL scripts

  • GL : ADI Opening Balances
  • GL : Autopost Definitions
  • GL : CoA Parent Accounts
  • GL : CoA Segment Qualifiers
  • GL : CoA Structure
  • GL : CoA Values
  • GL : Code Combinations
  • GL : Consolidation Mapping
  • GL : Cross Validation Rules (CVR) Line Detail, Summary Overview & Common Configutation Errors
  • GL : Distinct accounts by GL Source
  • GL : Entered Currency by Month
  • GL : FSG Reports. Column Sets, Row Sets, Content Sets, Row Orders
  • GL : GL Interface snapshot across books & GL Interface Details
  • GL : Journal Lines including Reference fields
  • GL : Journal Category & Source Combinations Used
  • GL : Journal Headers & Batches
  • GL : Journal Line based Trial Balance
  • GL : Mass Allocation Formula
  • GL : Period Statuses
  • GL : Security Rule Assignments & Security Rule Definitions
  • GL : Set of Books configuration
  • GL : Summary Account Template
  • GL : Trial Balance from GL Balances

Account Payable SQL Scripts

Includes the following Accounts Payable related SQL scripts

Dataload .dld SQL scripts

Includes the following Dataload scripts that output data in a .dld dataload classic format to extract configuration from one environment to load into the next using dataload classic.

This eliminates the need to manually review and update you .dld spreadsheets and files.